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Building Automation Systems (SAB) was founded in July 2005 – and it is located in Warsaw. SAB gather building automation specialists with expertise knowledge and experience, acquired during execution of many projects in Poland and abroad.

Special interest in company profile is put on non-standard, difficult, requiring innovative approach projects, for example fountain animation control. Although the expenditure of work is significantly higher during realization of such projects, the satisfaction for designers, executors, software specialists and obviously the Investor is priceless.

We advise and present different possibilities and technical solutions, taking into consideration financials (budget), and functional requirements expansions. Every time our proposal is suited to Client individual needs. We want to comply with all requirements of our customers, suggesting them optimal technical solutions.

We are not afraid of new challenges, we want to be a help and the advise in every situation that may come-up.
Contact details
Al. Jerozolimskie 202
02-486 Warszawa
tel./fax: +48 22 633 47 61
kom: +48 510 196 285
e-mail: poczta@sab.waw.pl

SAB Serwis
ul. Klubowa 24
15-523 Grabówka
kom: +48 500 065 050
e-mail: bartosz.ostapczuk@sab.waw.pl
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